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For you, Estrela owner, 

there are many advantages!

Become a member

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The APCSE is establishing agreements with veterinary colleges and hospitals for health screenings with discounts for members

New protocols


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The dedicated keeper


The perfect companion

The Estrela

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internal championship

As of 2025, the APCSE will resume its internal championship, which will reward, each year, the dogs with the highest scores in the specialty shows and work aptitude tests organized by the club during that year.

Estrela Mountain Dog

Throughout Portugal (and also abroad)

there are many Estrela abandoned, missing or available for adoption . The APCSE is working to establish protocols with animal protection associations, to help these dogs return to their faamilies or find a new home where they will be loved.

If you're considering adopting one or want to help us help,

Contact us

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